Advantages To Using Hemp Fabric

The benefits and advantages to using Hemp Fabric are endless, however we can point out some key features.


What is Hemp Fabric?

Hemp Fabric is the result of processing the fibers of the industrial hemp plant into a usable fabric. This fabric also known as a “Super Fibre” is incredibly beneficial in many different aspects including the economy and the environment.

Advantages To Using Hemp Fabric

Let’s explore the many advantages to growing hemp and using it for hemp fabric.

Strong and Durable

Hemp’s tensile strength is up to 8x strong than it’s competition, Cotton. Historically hemp was used by US and British ships for their sails and rope.

Perfect for Hot Weather

Hemp fabric wicks away sweat and does an incredible job at cooling the body. In addition it is highly recommended for warm, humid weather since it is mildew resistant and absorbs moisture.


The hemp crop is ec0-friendly in many ways and is one of the most eco-friendly crops grown today. Hemp does not require pesticides and also repairs the top soil making room for the next harvest of crops.

Hemp Fabric is Hypoallergenic

Another amazing aspect of Hemp Fabric is the fact it is hypoallergenic. This means most people with sensitive skin can wear hemp shirts and clothing with no problems.

Doesn’t wear out - It Wears in

Hemp is one of the rare fabrics that gets better with time. The old saying is “Hemp doesn’t wear out, it wears in!”. Some hemp t-shirts can be a bit scratchy on the first wear or two but after that chances are it will be your most favorite shirt soon after.

UV Resistant

Hemp Fabric is also UV Resistant. Hike all day!

Alex Person