Is CBD Good For Inflammation?


Why are many people ditching ASPIRIN, IBUPROFEN, and other pain RELIEVERS for CBD products to relieve inflammation?

More and more people these days, including athletes, are switching to CBD products instead of taking harmful pain relievers. This is in part due to the harmful affects pills such as Aspirin have on your liver. Compared to CBD which has shown to have little or no long term side affects on your liver or other organs.

CBD & Inflammation:

Time and time again, CBD products are showing to have an array for health benefits. One major benefit of taking CBD products is to combat inflammation in athletes and people with minor pains and arthritis. Many scientific studies are coming out showing CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. Like these here.

Keep in mind, these studies are new due to CBDs legal status as of the past 50+ years. Now that laws are loosening up, CBD is becoming available for scientists to study. At the moment, little is known on why CBD can act as an anti-inflammatory. However, over the next few years, expect to see new studies coming out showing us exactly why.

Just like every other medicine, we advise consulting your doctor first before consuming CBD products.

Alex Person