CBD Hemp Flower: What is it?

CBD Hemp Flower Information


Have you ever seen CBD Hemp Flower before? Did you know we sell CBD Hemp Flower? Well, let us explain a bit about what it is and how people use it.

What does CBD Hemp Flower Look like?

To the untrained eye CBD Hemp Flower can look very similar to actual THC cannabis. This is why we recommend keeping all CBD Hemp Flower within the packaging you purchased it in. This will help with any confusion with law enforcement.

cbd hemp flower

CBD Hemp Flower has a much more airy look and feel to it than traditional THC cannabis. Also, you will commonly find hemp flower to have a darker color and more earthy smell.

Keep in mind different CBD Hemp Flower strains have different looks and smells. This creates a wide variety of choices when searching for the perfect hemp strain for you.

How do people use cbd hemp flower?

CBD Hemp flower is most often consumed in the form of smoke or inhalation. This can be in the form a pre-rolled cigarette/joint, pipe, or water pipe. Often the easiest way to consume cbd hemp flower is to roll ground up flower into a rolling paper.

You can also extract CBD from the CBD Hemp Flower and make your own concentrates, edibles, and more. However this method is much more time consuming as well as similar products can be purchased from our store.

Most people will consume 1/2 or 1 full “rolled joint” of CBD Hemp Flower to achieve the desired effects. Keep in mind everyone is different and requires different amounts. CBD does not provide any psychoactive effects so consuming more than 1 pre-rolled joint will not make you “High”.

Alex Person