Examples Of People Benefiting From CBD

CBD is benefiting and helping 100,000’s of people around the world daily. Here is a small sample of people who have or are currently benefiting from CBD.


With hundreds of thousands of people around the world taking CBD products, there is no shortage of positive stories to dive into. For the sake of this blog post we will pull some examples of people that have benefited or currently benefiting from using CBD products. These will vary from CBD Flower, Lotions, Tincture, and many other CBD Products.

Candace Lowry

Candace Lowry dives into how CBD helped her Anxiety.

Depression to Expression

”This is the very first time I've ever smoked CBD oil. I went off my medication to provoke some anxiety to have a bit of a better test to see how CBD oil works. In this video I talk about how I felt after the smoking, how much CBD oil I consumed and if I recommend this to manage anxiety. I did my best to give an honest review and tell you exactly how my level of anxiety changed after smoking as well as talked about CBD oil effects and benefit I DID NOT expect!”

Octagon Biolabs CBD

”Those that took CBD ended up reporting significantly better sleep. So that's pretty powerful. That's a very, very powerful thing to see, is that CBD has a more profound effect than placebo versus benzodiazepine, which are very toxic, and very dangerous to your brain as far as dependency goes.”

Jonathan Jr | Patient Chronicles

“The story of Jonathan J; An autistic boy whose parents, Tavi & Jonathan, treat symptoms with cannabis oil.”

Epilepsy Seizures Cured after Ingesting Cannabis Oil with CBD

CityNews Toronto

CBD oil has transformed the life of a Toronto child, his father Alexander Sen Gupta explains. The struggle to get the oil was a long one though and other parents are having difficulty obtaining it due to a CBD oil shortage.

Alex Person