What Can Hemp Be Used For?


Hemp Uses and Hemp Products

The Hemp plant has 1,000s of uses and can be used across almost any industry in some form. Let us dive into some of the more popular uses of hemp and how almost any industry can benefit from it’s use.

Hemp Concrete

Did you know you there is such thing as hemp concrete? Yes, it’s a real thing. Hempcrete or Hemplime is a bio-composite material which is used for construction or insulation. Commonly marketed under the name Hempcrete, Canobiote, and other names. At the moment it is an expensive alternative so many construction companies choose to use more inexpensive options. However, as the hemp industry progresses, we expect to see Hemp Concrete a common option for new construction projects.

Hemp Plastic

Hemp plastic can solve many of plastic waste problems we are facing today. Hemp plastic is biodegradable, lightweight, and sustainable. Hemp plastic can replace many petrochemical plastics. (Oil-based plastics). This is an amazing option to reducing our increasing greenhouse gases. The most amazing aspect of hemp plastic is it 3-6 weeks to fully decompose vs several hundred years for normal plastics.

Hemp Paper

Hemp paper is a sustainable option to producing paper products. Using hemp to make paper reduces the destruction of our forests. Hemp is a annually harvested crop vs trees that can take up to a hundred years or more to grow. Also, parts of the hemp plant not used for paper making can be used for other products.

Hemp Clothing

Hemp fibers can be made into almost any clothing type. Most commonly, you will find hemp used in the form of shirts, socks, and bags. Hemp fibers are anti-microbial and tend to last much longer than cotton based clothing. One of the sayings goes: Hemp doesn’t wear out, it wears in. At the moment, most hemp clothing is expensive, as with almost all hemp products, but you will see the price start to decrease in years to come.

Hemp Food

Hemp food comes in many forms and can currently be found in our store as well as almost any grocery store in the USA in some form. Whether it be oats with hemp, hemp hearts, hemp flour, or some other type of hemp products. It is a healthy alternative to many foods on the market.

Hemp Body Products

As hemp becomes more accepted, you will start to see more hemp body products on the market. Currently, you can find hemp soap, hemp lotion, and other hemp products at our store! As with all hemp products, it’s a more sustainable and mostly healthy, alternative.

Alex Person