What Is Hemp Oil Used For?

People use Hemp Oil for all types of purposes. We have narrowed down couple key reasons to better help you understand what Hemp Oil is used for.

Keep in mind these are popular methods of hemp oil use. None of these claims have been approved by the FDA. Use at your own risk.



With many different fatty acids in hemp seed oil, it may help prevent inflammation and balance the skin. A recent study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that CBD may affect the sebum glands in people with chronic acne, leading to reduced sebum production and potentially helping clear or prevent acne breakouts.

Skin Health

For the same reason that hemp oil may help with acne due to it’s fatty acids, it may help with an array of other conditions. By using hemp seed oil as a topical it may be able to help with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, varicose eczema, and lichen planus. To make sure everything is safe for you, we recommend talking with your skin doctor before applying hemp oil.

Pain Relief

Due to many Hemp Oils containing large amounts of CBD, hemp oil has the potential to act as a natural pain reliever. This is due to the result of CBD’s anti inflammatory properties. However, keep in mind there needs to be more scientific studies done on humans. At the moment, most solid data is from mice.


Research has found that by using doses of CBD oil may be effective in using CBD to treat social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and related conditions.


There are countless stories online of parents using CBD Oil or high CBD Hemp Oil to aid their children’s Epilepsy. With the Federal legalization of hemp, we will start to see a major increase in CBD and hemp research. It’s an exciting world with plenty of new things to discover.

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Alex Person